2015 – The Year of Gratitude

At the end of each year I check in with my clients asking them to reflect upon the previous year and to discuss goals moving forward to the new year.  Throughout my discussions there were clear themes of challenge and frustration over the course of 2014.  Challenge and frustration with personal health goals, family issues and work-life balance.  The scale seemed excessively tilted with work ruling many client’s lives.

I also faced challenge and frustration in 2014.  The challenge and frustration of coming from Thailand where I worked with children who were exploited back into an environment of ‘first world issues’.  From questions of ‘where will I find my next meal, where will I find shelter, will I be safe’  to questions of ‘where will I go for my next meal, what hotel will I stay at while my home is being renovated, will I have enough time to get to my Yoga class”.

The challenge and frustration of loss.  The loss of a client who at each of our visits taught me valuable lessons.  A close family member waking one day to find out she had lost one of her legs from the knee down due to a disease.  The loss of communication with friends and family.

These challenges and frustrations has led me to not taking life for granted and to use these challenges and frustrations faced in 2014 to find gratitude in 2015.  To tilt the scale in the other direction, the direction of life – as I believe it is life that truly defines and satisfies us as human beings.  It is the phone call we make to a friend we have lost touch with.  It is acknowledging a person who is homeless.  It is making eye contact and saying ‘Hi’ to that person you ride the elevator with every morning.  It is being courageous.  Is is redefining community.  It is about being grateful…

It was refreshing to hear clients mention their focus/goals/resolutions for 2015 will be ones of reconnecting, being present, sitting together as a family (remember Sunday night dinners!) and having a serious relationship discussion with their smart phones.  Gone are the days of establishing weight loss as a priority for the new year.  But who knows – by embracing these goals you will find yourself happier and healthier and you may just shed a few physical pounds as well…

Although challenge and frustration are usually identified as negative words they should be looked upon as words filled with excitement, energy and opportunity.

Wishing the world a year filled with gratitude.  Welcome to 2015!


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